What Does IOT Mean? An Emerging Market of Platforms

What does IOT mean?

Social Media is Saturated. Where Do Advertisers Go Next?

There was a time when TV and print were big. These were the places where all advertisers wanted to be.

Then along came the digital age, and along with it, social media. Social media channels were the new place to be for advertising.

Now social media is saturated. Everyone and every business seems to be trying to make their mark on social media, resulting in a lot of noise. It takes more effort than ever to get attention on this platform.

So where do advertisers go next? And what are the upcoming customer experiences? One thing remains true. The phone is a central part of our lifestyles, a commodity we can’t seem to live without. We take it wherever we go, and we are getting outside and going places now more than before, especially now that we are getting used to a less threatening post pandemic world.

An Emerging Market of Technology Platforms and Experiences

It’s time to prepare for the future. The future consists of an emerging market of technology platforms called the internet of things (IOT). What does IOT mean? These platforms include all point-of-sale devices, cell phones, IPTV screens, cameras, parking sensors, turnstiles, and other devices that connect through 5G and WiFi 6 technologies. When communicating together securely and as an ecosystem, they can yield valuable information to the advertiser and in turn, capture the moment with timely, relevant, personalized, and more engaging digital experiences for the consumer on IOT devices like IPTV screens and cell phones.

This emerging market is an unsaturated market with unsaturated platforms. There is less noise from competitors, more attention for your brand, and more room to grow. McKinsey’s Global Institute estimates that the IOT market is likely to grow to $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025.

Your customers in this emerging market are a captive audience. They are at your venue, concert, event, town square, university commons, store, gymnasium, sports bar, or the waiting lounge of your airport. They are interested in what you have for them because they are there for a specific reason. And if their WiFi connection is with Green Zebra, it’s on an exclusive, secure, closed loop network with experts providing valuable technical support.

This is your target audience. They are, after all, consumers at your establishment. You know some things about them, but how much, really? Every touch point, such as age, gender, purchasing habits, and wayfinding, when captured, can yield valuable information that your business can use.

Run with Green Zebra to bridge your gap between now and the future. Our proprietary software platform, VenuTRAX™, combined with WiFi 6 and securely networked IoT devices, provides confidential, smart insights into your customer’s behavior and demographics, that we provide only to you. This allows you to create more engaging, personalized, quickly timed advertising experiences, products, events, and services for your customers, while relieving your pain points, such as wayfinding difficulties and security challenges. The future is now, and the future is Green Zebra. Run with us!

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