Powerful Digital Signage

Bring your venue to life with visuals that engage with guests,
increase sales, and communicate your message.

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Dynamic communication
that's visually-attractive

From a single flat-panel screen to video walls or multiple digital LED billboards, Green Zebra has you covered.

Whether you need a menu board in a single location or a customized signage solution distributed across a vast network of displays, our solution provides smart, scalable digital signage solutions to cover any business need.

Our software provides automatic updates so that you'll never have to worry. You'll always be running the latest, most secure version on your system.

Plug-and-play installation and a smart CMS makes managing your digital signage quick and easy, whether it’s showing on one screen or thousands. Advanced access controls for unlimited users allow for anyone on your team to easily edit and share your content.

Our cloud products work seamlessly with your current software, hardware, and tools allowing you to reach your customers without interrupting your workflow.

From ready-made content to promotional videos, we not only provide hardware – we provide you with exciting content that promotes your brand. Whether you choose to browse our extensive included content library or create custom branded content, the possibilities are endless.

Your content and messaging needs to stay relevant and timely to increase customer engagement. With our Cloud, you can instantly display content across all of your signage from anywhere.

Whether they're mounted horizontally or vertically, our digital signage solutions can easily integrate with any display system. Our content works seamlessly with any combination of landscape or portrait displays.

Create exciting and engaging display experiences for your customers by integrating with the tools and networks they use the most. Feature live media walls from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Content is filtered automatically.

Put your dreams and ideas on display

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Internal Dashboards
  • RSS News Feeds
  • HTML Web Pages
  • Youtube
  • Google Calendars
  • Reviews
  • Waiting Room TVs
  • Interactive Displays
  • Social Media Wall

Digital Signage Apps

Integrate with tools that you're already using. Install your favorite apps to customize and control your brand's content.

  • Weather
  • News
  • Yelp
  • Social Media
  • Company Templates
  • Safety

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