Redefining the guest experience

A WiFi software suite that empowers companies to engage with venue visitors. It's an all-in-one wifi experience that's personalized, private, and social.

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Evolve or get left behind

Expectations have changed rapidly over the years and the guest experience must follow. The modern guest now prefers amenities that resemble the comforts of home. This means providing access to fast WiFi that's free with multiple ways to engage.


Providing venues with branded WiFi interaction that exceeds expectation.

Connect with guests through a personalized captive portal, SSID, email, SMS, and branded pages for maximum engagement.


Sell third-party push ADs, login-page ADs, in-session ADs, and create new revenue streams for various operations.


Provide fast wi-fi to guests while your branded captive portal collects data for detailed analytics reporting.

Zone Targeting

Deploy media campaigns to various areas simultaneously within your venue. Advanced tracking makes things simple.



Create zone targeting campaigns that project relevant media and communications to various areas over wi-fi. CastWiFi locates guests by zone or location while collecting user data over a set period of time.

A powerful gateway
to make it all possible

The FiBox Pro allows venues to run CastWifi securely through all access points from one central location seamlessly.

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Client Spotlight

MidAmerican RecPlex

As the city of West Des Moines developed a state of the art sports facility, one major hurdle needed to be leaped over which was WiFi connectivity. They came to us knowing that we could provide an infrastructure that would not only fit their needs but prepare them for the future.

Exceptional Results

CastWifiwith The FiBox Pro

After installation, thousands of visitors can now receive game updates, building emergency notifications, food stand announcements, and sponsorship advertising all throughout RecPlex's 300,000 sq. ft. facility.


Custom solutions
for any size venue

CastWifi paired with the powerful FiBox Pro is the perfect solution for any venue that needs a secure Wifi infrastructure with endless capabilities.

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Future-proof your venue

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